Wedding Post 2: A Little Inspiration

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Inspiration Board Wedding Details
To get the ball rolling, I gathered a few images online and made an inspiration board. As you can probably guess, my wedding colors are red, chocolate brown, and just the teensiest touch of gold; too much gold can get a tad gaudy. The color scheme seems a little dark for a wedding, I know, but I never was a pastel kind of girl (I would say half of my wardrobe is black or some shade of gray and I swear I’m not gothic, I’m not cool enough to pull it off). Plus, red is the traditional wedding color in most Asian cultures, chocolate brown just looks awesome, and gold will give it just the right amount of “pop” it needs.

The Vietnamese dress you see is called an Ao Dai, pronounced “Oww Yai” or “Oww Zai” depending on what region you’re from. No, I wouldn’t dare ditch the white wedding dress. I just thought it’d be pretty awesome to slip into an Ao Dai sometime during the reception. There are so many reasons I adore this dress style. Not only is the sleek silhouette super flattering on any body shape, but it comes with PANTS (call me a tomboy), and the full coverage leaves very little room for a wardrobe malfunction, if you know what I mean. In order to save a bit of moolah, I’m debating making my own Ao Dai rather than buying one, but that raises the question if I’ll have enough time or energy for that. Plus, and I’m not a superstitious person by any means, I heard making your own dress is bad luck. Perhaps, past brides invented the superstition to convince future brides to be smarter about their wedding planning. Maybe I should take their advice, or maybe I won’t get an Ao Dai at all, or maybe I’ll just wear a potato sack, I would totally rock a potato sack, now I’m just ranting…

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2 comments on “Wedding Post 2: A Little Inspiration

  1. You would totally rock a potato sack, but I’m rooting for the Ao Dai, nonetheless. I wish I could sew, I’d be all over that! But unfortunately, I’d be more likely to produce something like the shirt that Denise made for Theo on the Cosby show.
    Love you little sis!

  2. your blog is so cool! I cant wait to photograph ur wedding! It’s going to be so beautiful! Congrats on ur marriage! I hope u get to wear both dresses because i think that would be totally awesome!


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