Wedding Post #4: Venue Exploring – Pagoda Building

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As promised, here are some photos of my visit to the Pagoda Building and Chinatown Sacramento. Sorry for the quality.

It was sad to read about how this once flourishing cultural area had lost it’s flair and excitment. When we visited the area, other than 3 Asian women sitting in the courtyard and a pan-handling homeless man, it was empty.

My idea was to have an outdoor wedding on the patio, both the ceremony and reception. As you can see, someone needs to take a leaf blower to this place!

I assumed the patio belonged to the Pagoda building but I learned that supposedly the parks and recreation department is responisble for leasing the patio area. I would simply rent the services and bathrooms from the Pagoda Building.

I emailed the department and suprisingly, my contact wasn’t even aware that was their (city of Sacramento) property.

“We’re not off to a good start” was my thought.

After a few days, my city contact finally got me in touch with someone else in the department who was more knowledgeable about the area and gave me an application.

Although this place is still in the running for our wedding venue, after some thought, I realize that I need to keep exploring my options. Wish me luck!







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One comment on “Wedding Post #4: Venue Exploring – Pagoda Building

  1. We are currently trying to find a contact for the exact courtyard.

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