No-Churn Nutella Ice Cream

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Nutella Ice Cream

My fiance, Jonah, has a little joke he likes to tell, it goes like this:

How do you know if someone listens to NPR?

They tell you!

It’s funny because it’s true. Annoying NPR listeners, like myself, are constantly quoting things we heard on NPR earlier that day. I’m reminded of the character from American Pie, the one that always starts a discussion with “one time, at band camp…”, except in my case it’s “today, on NPR…”. As the proud NPR listener that I am, I’m not ashamed to admit that this little bit on no-churn Nutella ice cream was inspired by an NPR piece.

Nutella Ice Cream 2

The famous Nigella Lawson was recently on NPR to discuss Valentines day noms to make for your special someone. She spoke of a no-churn espresso ice cream recipe and my ears perked higher than my dog’s when she hears the word “treat”.

Both Jonah and I are avid ice cream eaters (it’s a hard job), so I was excited by the idea of making homemade ice cream without spending a ton on an ice cream maker. Mrs. Lawson swore by this recipe and I had to give it a try, adding my own tweaks of course. I was doubtful at first. I was afraid the final product would come out more moussey or runny than traditionally made ice cream, but man was I wrong. The texture and taste was exactly like parlor ice cream, with just the slightest bit of velvetiness, similar to gelato. This is a life-changing recipe! I’m already brainstorming for other unique ice cream flavors to experiment with. Oh the possibilities!

10.5 oz heavy cream
6 oz sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp rum (optional)
3 tbsp cocoa powder
¼ cup Nutella

Whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form, mix the rest of ingredients in with the cream. Pour into airtight containers and let it freeze for at least 6 hours before serving. That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeasy!

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9 comments on “No-Churn Nutella Ice Cream

  1. Made this last night, I am in heaven!!!!!!!! Never buying ice cream from the store again, so many possibilities. This was so creamy and had great flavor. I still can’t believe how easy this was to make. Thanks for the great recipe:)

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Still brainstorming for other ice cream flavor ideas!

  2. I was wondering how 6oz translates to grams or ml of sweetened condensed milk please? We get cans of 395g.

    • According to google, 6 oz translates to 177 ml. Or if you’re using measuring cups, that’s 3/4 of a cup. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you!! I made it by estimating the first time, and it was rather fudgy for ice cream but still delicious. I’m going to try again today with cinnamon/vanilla and a chocolate chilli 1/2 batch each!

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  4. how many servings for this recipe?

    • It makes 6-8 servings 🙂

  5. I make homemade ice cream a lot for my family. We love this recipe. We usually use a Cuisinart freezer from Costco or Bed Bath and Beyond. $40 on sale at Costco. It is so easy to use. Makes 1 1/2 qt. Freeze the barrel overnight, pour ice cream mixture into it, put into freezer machine, turn on for 25 minutes and you have the most wonderful ice cream, sorbet and many other great treats. No ice, salt or mess.

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