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Hello! I’m Jenn and as the blog title implies, I love to NOSH! Most importantly, I love sharing and exchanging recipes with friends and family, and now, thanks to this blog, I can share them with you, kind stranger!

Just to share a little about myself, I currently live in Northern California with my main squeeze, Jonah, my hyper eccentric dog, and my 2 silly billy cats.

Our lives took a huge leap in August 2012 when Jonah proposed to me behind the White House, right where his grandfather proposed to his grandmother 60 years ago. I know, what a romantic! I’m one lucky brawd.

I work as a web and graphic designer and Jonah is in grad school working towards a PHD (Here that Ma? I’m gonna bag me a doctor!).

Nervously, we have taken on the ambitious task of planning a tight budget dream wedding together. Wish us luck!

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