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Sriracha Drumsticks

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Sriracha Drumsticks
I’ve been suffering from this intolerable cold on and off again for the past 2 months! Just when I start to feel better, this cold sucks me back in. Needless to say, I’ve been an utter mess. Jonah’s been super sweet caring for me. The other week he set up the vaporizer for me, stocked the fridge with yummy soup, and encouraged me to veg out in front of the TV all day. I slept, watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey, slept some more, ate soup, and slept again. The next day, I was cured! All symptoms were gone! “Thank Lord Grantham”, I thought. But…I spoke too soon. Not even a week later, the dreaded symptoms had returned. Yesterday, I ran a fever of 100.2F. Can you say “FML”? It’s as if my immune system decided to go on furlough for 2 months. I’m willing to do anything to finally be rid of this cold! Which brings me to today’s recipe.
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