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Avocado Wontons

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Avocado Wontons

Avocado Wontons
Ok, I have to admit, if I ever made this appetizer for certain members of my Asian family, they would probably confiscate my frying pan and smack me over the head with it. I mean, it’s basically guacamole in a wonton shell. Mixing south of the border ingredients with Chinese food? What blasphemy! Well to all those naysayers, I say “lighten up, will you?”. I for one think the tastiest dishes are ones that contain ingredients from different cultures. Take for example, spaghetti. Legend has it, the method of noodle making was introduced to Italy after Marco Polo’s journey to China. Someone thought to add sauce to the noodles and bam! You had spaghetti! The infamous banh mi sandwich itself is a fusion of French and Vietnamese ingredients. The corn dog is essentially a mix of German food (frankfurters) and good ole American corn bread. I mean, can you imagine a world without corn dogs? At the expense of sounding like a fat kid, I don’t know if I want to live in such a world…
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