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Ginger Lemon Cake

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Ginger Lemon Cake

Ginger Lemon Cake
Remember when you were a kid, eating fruity candies and picking through your favorite colors to munch on? I’m willing to bet yellow was everyone’s least favorite flavor. I was no different. “Lemon? Uhh…no thanks, I’ll stick with the red”. Opening a Starburst where both pieces were lemon-flavored meant God was punishing me for something. It’s true lemon is the neglected child of candy flavors, and yet, I found everyone seems to LOVE lemon cake. Go figure! Is it the intoxicating combination of fresh lemon zest and vanilla? Or is it the spongy texture perfumed with pungent citrus that gets people going? Either way, it’ll be a hard task to find a lemon cake hater, and if the day comes when you do encounter one, remember this recipe post. It’ll turn any hater into a lover!
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